The highest level of creative execution and client service.
We are a group of artists and producers dedicated to practicing our craft at the highest level.
We bring talent, experience, and collaboration to storytelling and branding.



We specialize in taking concepts from inception to the final image, seamlessly bridging the gap between ideas and compelling visuals.


Our comprehensive production services cover every aspect, from the intricacies of set design to securing locations in any corner of the globe. We ensure your project's seamless execution, no matter where your creative vision takes you.


In post-production, we meticulously craft and refine every detail, breathing life into your creative vision. Our team's expertise spans all aspects of the post-production process, ensuring your project reaches its full artistic potential.


Our animation department serves as both the creative foundation for standalone projects and a powerful enhancement for live-action content. Whether we're building entire worlds or adding magical elements to real-life scenes, our animation team elevates storytelling and visual experiences.


Our diverse team of skilled writers is equipped to breathe life into any project, transcending genres and mediums. With a wealth of creativity at our disposal, we're ready to take on your unique vision and transform it into a captivating narrative.


Our audio department has the expertise to enhance a wide range of projects, whether it's a brief 7-second clip or a feature-length film. We're dedicated to ensuring that sound and music contribute to the immersive experience of your content, no matter the scale.


We thrive as collaborators, working in harmony to bring ideas to fruition and create exceptional results together.


We have the versatility to create content of all sizes and scales, whether it's crafting impactful national TV ads, producing feature films, or delving into the diverse world of web-based content. Our team's adaptability ensures that we're equipped to meet your creative needs across a wide spectrum of projects.

Our Team

Larry August

Owner / Director

Anthony Ernest Garth

Creative Director / Director

Kristin Redman

Managing Director / EP

Wiebke Engel

Executive Producer

Brigid Liska

Business Manager

Joanna Miller

New Business

Jonathan Rakozy

Technical Director

Brent Edwards

Finishing Director - Flame

Ben Keeler


David Justin Martin

Assistant Editor

Gigi Woodson

Client Services


Our Clients